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Monografien 2020/ 12

Abling, Bina; Maggio, Kathleen: Integrating Draping, Drafting and Drawing.
O. O. (Verlag: Fairchild Books) 2019
ISBN 9781501359958

Amara, Luigi; MacSweeney, Christina: The Wig: A Hairbrained History.
O. O. (Verlag: Reaktion Books) 2020
ISBN 978-1789143461

Amnéus, Cynthia; Peltason, Ruth; Ransome Wallis, Rosemary: Simply Brilliant: Artist-Jewelers of the 1960s and 1970s.
O. O. (Verlag: GILES) 2020
ISBN 978-1911282525

Berest, Anne; Reybaud, Fabienne; Vignal, Marion: Chanel Set of 3 : Fashion, Jewelry & Watches, Perfume & Beauty.
O. O. (Verlag: Assouline Publishing Ltd.) 2020
ISBN 978-1614289739

Bhandari, Vandana: Textiles of Rajasthan: At the Jaipur Court.
O. O. (Verlag: Niyogi Books) 2020
ISBN 978-9389136616

Briscoe, Susan: The Book of Boro: Techniques and Patterns Inspired by Traditional Japanese Textiles.
O. O. (Verlag: David & Charles, Ltd) 2020
ISBN 978-1446308325

Chambers, Tony: Paul Smith.
London 2020
ISBN 978-1838661274

Chanday, Sunny: Dorothee Schumacher: A Fashion Book.
O. O. (Verlag: Independently published) 2020
ISBN 979-8559695204

Cheung, Edward: Demographics and Fashion Trends, Medieval to Modern: A History of Costume and Fashion.
O. O. (Verlag: Independently published)
ISBN 979-8557590815

Choklat, Aki: Menswear Trends.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2018
ISBN 978-1472591715

Cliffe, Sheila: The Social Life of Kimono: Japanese Fashion Past and Present (Dress, Body, Culture).
London; Oxford; New York; New Delhi; Sydney 2020
ISBN 978-1350211186

Complex Presents: Sneaker of the Year: The Best Since '85.
O. O. (Verlag: Abrams & Chronicle Books; Illustrated Edition) 2020
ISBN 978-1419745799

Cours, Isabelle de; Tramier, Sophie: Foulards  ̶  Du mouchoir au carré de soie (Mode et Luxe).
O. O. (Verlag: MARTINIERE BL) 2020
ISBN 978-2732493756

Chrisman-Campbell, Kimberly: The Way We Wed: A Global History of Wedding Fashion.
O. O. (Verlag: Running Press Adult) 2020
ISBN 978-0762470303

Cummins, Susan; Skinner, Damian; Strauss, Cindi: In Flux: American Jewelry and the Counterculture.
O. O. (Verlag: Arnoldsche) 2020
ISBN 978-3897905979

Cunaccia, Cesare Maria; Tonchi, Stefano: Luisa Via Roma: The Future of Fashion.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli) 2020
ISBN 978-8891826473

Dormor, Catherine: A Philosophy of Textile: Between Practice and Theory.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1472525659

El-Sayed, Rafed; Fluck, Cäcilia: The Textile Centre Akhmim-Panopolis (Egypt) in Late Antiquity. Material Evidence for Continuity and Change in Society, Religion, Industry and Trade.
O. O. (Verlag: Reichert, Ltd ?) 2020
ISBN 978-3954904013

Elson, Karen; Enninful, Edward; Walker, Tim; Coddington, Grace: The Red Flame: A Journey of A Woman.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli) 2020
ISBN 978-0847869190

Faiers, Jonathan: Fur: A Sensitive History.
O. O. (Verlag: Yale University Press) 2020
ISBN 978-0300227208

Faiers, Jonathan; Westerman Bulgarella, Mary: Colors in Fashion.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2018
ISBN 9781350077409

Fashion Drawing Encyclopedia.
O. O. (Verlag: Koenemann) 2020
ISBN 978-3741929915

Ferrero-Regis, Tiziana; Lindquist, Marissa: Staging Fashion: The Fashion Show and Its Spaces.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350101821

Fischer, Anette; Gobin, Kiran: Construction for Fashion Design.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2017
ISBN 978-1350203181

Fraser-Lu, Sylvia: Textiles in Burman Culture.
O. O. (Verlag: Silkworm Books) 2020
ISBN 978-6162151637

Gilchrist, Abby; Poole, Amelia: Modern Fabric: 25 Designers on Inspiration and Craft: Twenty-Five Designers on Their Inspiration and Craft.
ISBN 978-1616898373

Gorea, Adriana; Roelse, Katya; Hall, Martha L.: The Book of Pockets: A Practical Guide for Fashion Designers.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts; Illustrated Edition) 2019
ISBN 978-1474272490

Grant, William: Andrew Grima: The Father of Modern Jewellery.
O. O. (Verlag: ACC ART BOOKS) 2020
ISBN 978-1788841061

Gupta, Anu H.; Mehta, Shalina: Phulkari from Punjab: Embroidery in Transition.
O. O. (Verlag: Niyogi Books) 2020
ISBN 978-1911630180

Harlow, Mary; Michel, Cecile; Quillien, Louise: Textiles and Gender in Antiquity: From the Orient to the Mediterranean.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Academic; Illustrated Edition) 2020
ISBN 978-1350141490

Heijden, Liza van der; Bakx, Suzan: De Zeeuwse streekdrachten: Goed gemutst.
O. O. (Verlag: Wbooks) 2020
ISBN 978-9462584013

Hertzog, Gilles; Taylor, John; Dubler, Dianne: Stardust: The Work and Life of Jeweler Extraordinaire Frédéric Zaavy.
O. O. (Verlag: Officina Libraria) 2020
ISBN 978-8833671031

Hitchmough, Wendy: The Bloomsbury Look.
O. O. (Verlag: Yale University Press) 2020
ISBN 978-0300244113

Holmes, Elizabeth: HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style.
O. O. (Verlag: Macmillan USA) 2020
ISBN 978-1250625083

Howell, Geraldine: Women in Wartime: Dress Studies from Picture Post 1938-1945.
London; New York; Oxford; New Delhi; Sydney 2019
ISBN 978-1350211889

Interkultura Berufsschulwörterbuch für Textil-, Mode- und Bekleidungstechnik: Deutsch-Persisch: Deutsch-Persisch-Dari / Persisch-Dari-Deutsch.
O. O. (Verlag: Interkultura) 2020
ISBN 978-3962139919

Jasperse, Jitske: Medieval Women, Material Culture, and Power.
Leeds 2020
ISBN 978-1641891455

Jones, Caroline: Kate: How to Dress Like a Style Icon: Fashion from a Royal Role Model.
O. O. (Verlag: Carlton Books) 2018
ISBN 978-1787390713

Jorif, Sylvia: Elle, 75 ans de photos de mode.
O. O. (Verlag: GRUND) 2020
ISBN 978-2324027383

Karthik, T.; Ganesan, P.; Gopalakrishnan, D.: Apparel Manufacturing Technology.
O. O. (Verlag: CRC Press) 2020
ISBN 978-0367736842

Kim Gordon: No Icon.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli) 2020
ISBN 978-0847865819

Lacovara, Peter;  Markowitz, Yvonne J.; Artal-Isbrand, Paula: Jewels of the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Treasures from the Worcester Art Museum.
O. O. (Verlag: GILES) 2020
ISBN 978-1911282792

Lindemann, Katrin: Historische figürliche Baumwolldruckstoffe im Kontext von Herstellen, Verwenden, Sammeln, Ausstellen und Vermitteln (Kontext Kunst - Vermittlung - Kulturelle Bildung).
O. O. (Verlag: Tectum Wissenschaftsverlag) 2020
ISBN 978-3828845008

Loyrette, Henri: Degas at the Opera.
Paris 2020
ISBN 978-2711874569

Mauriès, Patrick; Sabatini, Adélia: Chanel: The Complete Karl Lagerfeld Collections, 1983-2019.
O. O. (Verlag: Yale Univ. Press) 2020
ISBN 978-0300254648

McKinley, Catherine E.; Woodson, Jacqueline; Danticat, Edwidge: The African Lookbook: A Visual History of 100 Years of African Womanhood.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Publishing) 2020
ISBN 978-1620403532

Mensitieri, Giulia: The Most Beautiful Job in the World. Lifting the Veil on the Fashion Industry.
London; New York 2020
ISBN 978-1350110168

Naeem Khan: Embellished.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli) 2020
ISBN 978-0847865550

Nicklas, Charlotte: Color, Science, and Fashion: Splendid Hues in the 19th Century.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350055537

Parish, Pat: Pattern Cutting: The Architecture of Fashion.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2018
ISBN 9781350194953

Parry, Linda: V&A Pattern: William Morris.
O. O. (Verlag: Victoria & Albert Museum) 2020
ISBN 978-1838510152

Postrel, Virginia: The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World.
O. O. (Verlag: Basic Books) 2020
ISBN 978-1541617605

Reilly, Andrew: Introducing Fashion Theory: From Androgyny to Zeitgeist.
O. O. (Verlag; Bloomsbury Visual Arts; 2. Edition)
ISBN 978-1350091917

Reineke, Anika: Der Stoff der Räume: Textile Raumkonzepte im französischen Interieur des 18. Jahrhunderts (Textile Studies).
O. O. (Verlag: Edition Imorde) 2020
ISBN 978-3942810494

Rissanen, Timo; McQuillan, Holly: Zero Waste Fashion Design.
O. O. (Verlag: Fairchild Books) 2018
ISBN 9781474255448

Robin, Cyrille; Lorier, Juliette Le: It's a Montagut!: 140 Years of French Savoir Faire.
O. O. (Verlag: Thames & Hudson) 2020
ISBN 978-2081513495

Shito, Rei; Schuman, Scott; Abe, Chitose: Style on the Street: From Tokyo and Beyond.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli) 2020
ISBN 978-0847868728

Skeehan, Danielle C.: The Fabric of Empire: Material and Literary Cultures of the Global Atlantic, 1650-1850 (Studies in Early American Economy and Society from the Library Company of Philadelphia).
O. O. (Verlag: JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV PR) 2020
ISBN 978-1421439686

Stella, Alain; Sachs, Naomi; Picardie, Justine; Knight, Nick: Dior in Bloom.
O. O. (Verlag: Thames & Hudson) 2020
ISBN 978-2081513488

Taylor, Allison: Fashion: Treasures of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
O. O. (Verlag: Abbeville Pr) 2020
ISBN 978-0789213808

Thunder, Moira: V&A Pattern: Spitalfields Silk.
O. O. (Verlag: Victoria & Albert Museum) 2020
ISBN 978-1838510183

Trepte, Kiaz: Out of the Covid Closet.
O. O. (Verlag: Blurb) 2020
ISBN 978-1715876340

Tuite, Rebecca C.: 1950s in Vogue: The Jessica Daves Years.
O. O. (Verlag: Thames & Hudson) 2019
ISBN 978-0500294376

Vejar, Kristine; Rodriguez, Adrienne: Natural Dyeing: The Boundless Possibility of Color: Traditions from Iceland, Japan, Indonesia, and Mexico.
O. O. (Verlag: Abrams & Chronicle Books) 2020
ISBN 978-1419747076

Vogue: Fantasy and Fashion.
O. O. (Verlag: Abrams & Chronicle Books) 2020
ISBN 978-1419733321

Volandes, Stellene: Jewels That Made History: 101 Stones, Myths, and Legends.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli) 2020
ISBN 978-0847868544

Weber, Nicholas Fox: Anni & Josef Albers: Equal and Unequal.
London 2020
ISBN 978-1838661427

Westergaard, Sue: Screenprinting on Textiles: The Complete Guide.
O. O. (Verlag: The Crowood Press Ltd) 2020
ISBN 978-1785007538


Monografien 2020/ 09

Alireza, Hamida; Wilding, Richard: Traditional Costumes of Saudi Arabia: The Mansoojat Foundation Collection.
O. O. (Verlag: ACC ART BOOKS) 2020
ISBN 978-1788840408

Almila, Anna-Mari: Veiling in Fashion. Space and the Hijab in Minority Communities.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual) 2020
ISBN 9781350175358

Anderson, Kate; Field, Jemma; Murray, Catriona: Art & Court of James VI & I: Bright Star of the North.
ISBN 978-1911054412

Antoine, Denis: Fashion Design: a guide to the industry and the creative process.
London 2020
ISBN 978-1-78627-576-9

Armitage, John: Luxury and visual culture.
London 2020
ISBN 978-1-4742-4603-3

Bari, Shahidha: Dressed: A Philosophy of Clothes.
O. O. (Verlag: Basic Books)
ISBN 978-1541645981

Bass, Laura R.; Hajan, Milena: Spanish Fashion in Early Modern Europe: The Prevalence and Prestige of Spanish Attire in the Courts of the 16th and 17th Centuries.
O. O. (Verlag: Paul Holberton Pub ) 2020
ISBN 978-1907372230

Baumann, Barbara; Ziegler-Baumann, Trudi: Klosterarbeiten: Anmutiges Kunsthandwerk neu entdeckt – Techniken und Projekte.
O. O. (Verlag: Haupt Verlag) 2020
ISBN 978-3258602257

Bowles, Hamish; Malle, Chloe: Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Updated/ expanded Edition.
O. O. (Verlag: Abrams) 2020
ISBN 978-1419744952

Bowles, Hamish; Caracciolo Agnelli, Allegra;  Caracciolo Chia, Marella: The World of Federico Forquet: Italian Fashion, Interiors, Gardens.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli) 2020
ISBN 978-0847868995

Braumüller, Jana; Jäckle, Vreni; Lorenzen, Nina; Scherer, Lena: Fashion changers: wie wir mit fairer Mode die Welt verändern können.
München 2020
ISBN 978-3-95728-360-3

Brown, Susan; Rennolds Milbank, Caroline: Suzie Zuzek for Lilly Pulitzer: The Artist Behind an Iconic American Fashion Brand, 1962-1985.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli Electa) 2020
ISBN 978-0-8478-6764-6

Bruni Lopez y Royo, Alessandra; Mussry, Irwan: Asian Bohemian Chic: Indonesian Heritage Becomes Fashion.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli) 2020
ISBN 978-88-918228-5-7

Burman, Barbara; Fennetaux, Ariane: The Pocket. A hidden history of women’s lives.
New Haven; London 2019
ISBN 978-0300253740

Castellane, Victoire de; Gabet, Olivier: Dior Joaillerie: The A to Z of Victoire de Castellane.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli) 2020
ISBN 978-0847863365

Chaille, François; Juncker, Capucine: Magnitude: Cartier High Jewelry.
Paris 2019
ISBN 978-2-08-020433-2

Cifarelli, Megan: Fashioned selves: dress and identity in antiquity.
Oxford ; Philadelphia 2019
ISBN 978-1-78925-254-5

Clark, Jessica P.: The Business of Beauty: Gender and the Body in Modern London.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350098503

Dahlgren, Anna: Fashioned in the North: Nordic histories, agents and images of fashion photography.
O. O. (Verlag: Nordic Academic Press) 2020
ISBN 978-9188661937

Davidson, Hilary: Dress in the age of Jane Austen: regency fashion.
New Haven; London 2019
ISBN 978-0-300-21872-5

Day, Daniel R.: Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem: A Memoir.
O. O. (Verlag: Random House Trade Paperbacks) 2020
ISBN 978-0525510536

Dergačev, Dmitrij; Velminski, Wladimir: Mode & Revolution.
Berlin 2020
ISBN 978-3-945867-13-6

Deul, Janice; Dwyer, Charlotte: Van concept tot cover: Op weg naar een inclusief modelandschap.
O. O. (Verlag: nai010) 2020
ISBN 978-9462085480

Doisneau, Robert; Charles-Roux, Edmonde: Robert Doisneau: The Vogue Years.
O. O. (Verlag: Flammarion) 2020
ISBN 978-2-08-020453-0

Draguet, Michel: Berber Memories: Women and Jewelry in Morocco.
O. O. (Verlag: MERCATORFONDS) 2020
ISBN 978-0300253955

Ekardt, Philipp: Benjamin on fashion.
London; New York; Oxford; New Delhi; Sydney 2020
ISBN 978-1-350-07599-3

Enzensberger, Alexandra: Apostel in Preußen: die Raffael-Tapisserien des Bode-Museums.
Dresden 2020
ISBN 978-3-95498-509-8

Evans, Caroline; Vaccari, Alessandra: Time in Fashion: Industrial, Antilinear and Uchronic Temporalities.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350146945

Falls, Susan; Smith, Jessica R.: Overshot: The Political Aesthetics of Woven Textiles from the Antebellum South and Beyond.
O. O. (Verlag: UNIV OF GEORGIA PR) 2020
ISBN 978-0820357713

Farges, François: Gems.
O.O. (Verlag: Flammarion) 2020
ISBN 978-2081512955

Farnault, Hélène: Oscar Carvallo: art & nature.
Milano 2020
ISBN 978-88-572-4241-5

Farneti Cera, Deanna: Adorning fashion: the history of costume jewellery to modern times.
Woodbridge; New York 2019
ISBN 978-1-78884-047-7

Fasel, Marion: Beautiful Creatures: Jewelry Inspired by the Animal Kingdom.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli Electa) 2020
ISBN 978-0847868407

Garrett, Valery: Chinese Dress: From the Qing Dynasty to the Present Day.
O. O. (Verlag: TUTTLE PUB)
ISBN 978-0804852562

Gasparini, Mariachiara: Transcending patterns: silk road cultural and artistic interactions through central Asian textile images.
Honolulu 2020
ISBN 978-0-8248-7798-9

Geczy, Adam; Karaminas, Vicki: Libertine Fashion: Sexual Freedom, Rebellion, and Style.
O. O. (Bloomsbury Visual Arts)
ISBN 978-1350054073

Germanà, Monica: Bond girls: body, fashion and gender.
London; New York; Oxford; New Delhi; Sydney 2020
ISBN 978-0-85785-532-9

Griffey, Erin: Sartorial politics in early modern Europe: fashioning women.
Amsterdam 2019
ISBN 978-94-6298-600-8

Habermeier, Christian; Jäger, Sebastian: The adidas Archive. The Footwear Collection.
Köln 2020
ISBN 978-3836571951

Hall, Jenny: Japan beyond the kimono: innovation and tradition in the Kyoto textile industry.
London 2020
ISBN 978-1-350-09542-7

Hautefeuille, Alix D': Chaumet: behind the scenes.
Paris; New York 2020
ISBN 978-1-4197-4427-3   

Hohé, Madelief; Morgan, Lan; Syme, Rachel; Richter, Paula B.: The Women Who Revolutionized Fashion: 250 Years of Design.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli Electa) 2020
ISBN 978-0-8478-6822-3

Howell, Geraldine: Women in Wartime. Dress Studies from Picture Post 1938-1945.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 9781350211889

Inder, Pam: Busks, Basques and Brush-Braid: British dressmaking in the 18th and 19th centuries.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350060890

Jackson, Anna; Rout, Josephine: Japanese Dress in Detail.
O. O. (Verlag: Thames & Hudson) 2020
ISBN 978-0500480571

Jackson, Anna: V&A Pattern: Kimono.
London 2020
ISBN 978-1838510176

Jannuzzi, John: How to Wear Socks.
O. O. (Verlag: Abrams & Chronicle Books) 2020
ISBN 978-1419742934

Jones, Stephen; Müller, Florence; Fury, Alexander; Leret, Vincent: Dior Hats: From Christian Dior to Stephen Jones.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli)
ISBN 978-0847868445

Kutesko, Elizabeth: Fashioning Brazil: Globalization and the Representation of Brazilian Dress in National Geographic (Dress and Fashion Research).
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350159488

Laing, Morna; Willson, Jacki: Revisiting the Gaze: The Fashioned Body and the Politics of Looking.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350154216

Liao, Sara: Fashioning China: precarious creativity and women designers in Shanzhai culture.
London 2020
ISBN 978-0-7453-4070-8

Lindbergh, Peter: Peter Lindbergh. On Fashion Photography – 40th Anniversary Edition.
O. O. (Verlag: TASCHEN) 2020
ISBN 978-3836582506

Longo, Giuseppe: Kenneth: Shear Elegance.
O. O. (Verlag: SCHIFFER PUB LTD) 2020
ISBN 978-0764360039

Lynch, Annette; Medvedev, Katalin: Fashion, Agency and Empowerment: Performing Agency, Following Script (Dress and Fashion Research).
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350175310

Lynge-Jorlen, Ane: Fashion Stylists: History, Meaning and Practice.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350115057

Lynn, Eleri: Tudor Textiles.
New Haven; London 2020
ISBN 978-0300244120

Marcketti, Sara;  Karpova, Elena: The Dangers of Fashion: Towards Ethical and Sustainable Solutions.
London 2020
ISBN 978-1350052048

Masiola, Rosanna;  Cittadini, Sabrina: The Golden Dawn of Italian Fashion: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Maria Monaci Gallenga.
O. O. (Verlag: Cambridge Scholars Publishing) 2020
ISBN 978-1527550612

Mauries, Patrick: Maison Lesage: Haute Couture Embroidery.
London 2020
ISBN 978-0-500-02153-8

Mida, Ingrid E.: Reading Fashion in Art.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350032705

Milford-Cottam, Daniel: Fashion in the 1960s.
O.O. (Verlag: Shire Publications) 2020
ISBN 978-1784424084

Moss, Anthony: When the Cane Was King: From Brummel to McQueen.
O. O. (Verlag: ACC Art Books) 2020
ISBN 978-1788840125

Müller, Kathrin: Musterhaft naturgetreu: Tiere in Seiden, Zeichnungen und Tapisserien des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts.
Berlin 2020
ISBN 978-3-7861-2824-3

Mugler, Manfred Thierry: Manfred Thierry Mugler: photographer.
New York 2020
ISBN 978-1-4197-4578-2

Nelson Best, Kate: The History of Fashion Journalism.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 978-1350174634

Neumann, Heidi; Neumann, Helmut; Crill, Rosemary: Textiles of India.
O. O. (Verlag: Prestel Verlag) 2020
ISBN 978-3791386850

Nicolay-Mazery, Christiane De:  Cristobal Balenciaga, Philippe Venet, Hubert de Givenchy: Grand Traditions in French Couture.
O. O. (Verlag: FLAMMARION) 2020
ISBN 978-2081519503

Olson, Kelly: Masculinity and Dress in Roman Antiquity.
O. O. (Verlag: Routledge)
ISBN 978-0367595173

Parry, Linda: V&A Pattern: William Morris.
London 2020
ISBN 978-1838510152

Passebon, Pierre; Benaim, Laurence: Obsession: Christian Bérard: Master of Parisian Elegance.
O. O. (Verlag: Flammarion) 2020
ISBN 978-2080204035

Prince Dimitri; Herrera; Carolina; Curiel, Francois: Once Upon a Diamond: A Family Tradition of Royal Jewels.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli) 2020
ISBN 978-0847866915

Quillien, Louise; Sarri, Kalliope: Textile workers: skills, labour and status of textile craftspeople between the prehistoric Aegean and the ancient Near East (proceedings of the Workshop held at 10th ICAANE in Vienna, April 2016)
Wien 2020
ISBN 978-3-7001-8138-5

Rauser, Amelia F.: The age of undress: art, fashion, and the classical ideal in the 1790s.
New Haven; London 2020
ISBN 978-0-300-24120-4

Riello, Giorgio: Back in Fashion: Western Fashion from the Middle Ages to the Present.
New Haven 2020
ISBN 978-0300218848

Rubinstein, Mordechai: Dead style: a long strange trip into the magical world of tie-dye.
New York 2020
ISBN 978-1-4197-4291-0

Sabatini, Serena; Bergerbrant, Sophie: The textile revolution in Bronze Age Europe: production, specialisation, consumption.
Cambridge 2020
ISBN 978-1-108-49359-8

Schmuck, Beate; Gottwald, Claudia; Klepser, Anke; Mentges, Gabriele; Tritschler, Lea; Venohr, Dagmar; Wegener, Lena; Wolf, Christine: Fashion dis/ability: Mode, Behinderung und vestimentäre Inklusion. (Konferenzschrift 2017, Dortmund)
Münster; New York 2020
ISBN 978-3-8309-4146-0

Semmelhack, Elizabeth: Bata Shoe Museum: A Guide to the Collection.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli Electa) 2020
ISBN 978-0-8478-6786-8

Semmelhack, Elizabeth: The World at Your Feet: Bata Shoe Museum.
O. O. (Verlag: Rizzoli Electa) 2020
ISBN 978-0-8478-6785-1

Shea, Eiren L.: Mongol court dress, identity formation, and global exchange.  
New York 2020
ISBN 978-0-367-35618-7

Silberstein, Rachel: A fashionable century: textile artistry and commerce in the late Qing.
Seattle 2020
ISBN 978-0-295-74718-7

Spanabel Emery, Joy: A History of the Paper Pattern Industry: The Home Dressmaking Fashion Revolution.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020 (Erstauflage 2014)
ISBN 978-1350178021

Staubs, LaTonya Ivette: Woman of color: motherhood, sisterhood, style, beauty, loss, resilience.
New York 2019
ISBN 978-1-4197-3993-4

St Clair, Kassia; Hertle, Marion: Die Welt der Stoffe.
Hamburg 2020
ISBN 978-3-455-00641-4

Steele, Valerie; Hill, Colleen; Menkes, Suzy: Fashion Designers A–Z, Updated 2020 Edition.
O. O. (Verlag: TASCHEN) 2020
ISBN 978-3836578820

Stephenson, Kate:  Gymslips, Gender & Gentry: The History of School Uniform in Britain.
O. O. (Verlag: University of Exeter Press) 2020
ISBN 978-1905816538

Tagariello, Maria Luisa: Masters of Fashion: Die bedeutendsten Modeschöpfer im Porträt von 1900 bis heute.
O. O. (Verlag: Edizioni White Star SrL) 2020
ISBN 978-8863124378

Talley, André Leon: The Chiffon Trenches: A Memoir.
O. O. (Verlag: Ballantine Books) 2020
ISBN 978-0593129258

Taylor, Kerry: Galliano: spectacular fashion.
London; New York 2020
ISBN 978-1-4742-7784-6

Taylor, Lou; McLoughlin, Marie: Paris fashion and World War Two: global diffusion and Nazi control.
London; New York 2020
ISBN 978-1-350-00028-5

Thomas, Dana: Fashionopolis: The price of fast fashion and the future of clothes.
O. O. (Verlag: Penguin Books) 2020
ISBN 978-0735224032

Thunder, Moira: V&A Pattern: Spitalfields Silk.
London 2020
ISBN 978-1838510183

Toromanoff, Pierre: Chapeau! Der ultimative Guide für den modernen Gentleman mit Hut.
O. O. (Verlag: teNeues Media) 2020
ISBN 978-3961712854

Townsend, Katherine; Solomon, Rhian; Briggs-Goode, Amanda: Crafting Anatomies. Archives, Dialogues, Fabrications.
O. O. (Verlag: Bloomsbury Visual Arts) 2020
ISBN 9781350075474

Ugelvig, Jeppe: Fashion work 1993-2019: 25 years of art in fashion.
Bologna 2020
ISBN 978-88-6208-709-4

Vassiliev, Alexander; Womack, James: Children’s Fashion of the Russian Empire.
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